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Erica graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with degrees in Communications and Exercise and Health Science and Fitness Instruction
Fitness Certifications: NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, NASM Certified Women's Specialist (pre & post-natal certified), AFAA Group Exercise Instructor Certification, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Spinning/Schwinn Certified, Les Mills CXWORX Certified, Jillian Michaels Bodyshred Certified

Awards, Accolades & Speaking Engagements

Awards: “Hottest Trainer 2014” by SF Racked, “Class Crush” by Class Pass 2014, “Trainer of the Month” by Sweat Guru 2014
Erica is also the Founder of Warrior Women Program, Warrior Women iTunes Podcast, Author of the Warrior Women Workbook, third best seller at Book Inc Chestnut Street.
Motivational Speaker for big companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, BAIN, GI PARTNERS, Law Firms, Investment & Finance Firms, and others.

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Press Releases + Publications

SF Examiner

Erica Stenz, a trainer at Barry’s gym, which has locations around the world and five in San Francisco, said she has found teamwork has long inspired people to get fit and can help tackle the “COVID20” — the term used to describe the 20 pounds many people gained during quarantine. Stenz, who built out the boutique fitness giant’s presence in the Bay Area and works at the Marina studio, said she experienced this firsthand. After gaining weight while grieving the loss of her marriage during the pandemic, Stenz said training with a Barry’s co-worker revived her love for fitness.
“He wanted to help me, but we helped each other,” Stenz said. “We lost the weight together.”
In January, Stenz founded a nutrition business called WeShred that is built around group workouts. WeShred organizes outdoor hikes and indoor retreats with the goal of getting clients to motivate one another — an approach backed by kinesiologists. One study published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association found people who workout in a group have a 26% lower stress rate and improved quality of life compared to people who work out alone.

Marin Magazine

Before she became a fitness pro, Erica Stenz got a degree from UC Santa Barbara and joined nine-to-fivers working in marketing when she graduated; fitness was just a hobby. But it was that hobby that brought her to Barry’s Bootcamp.
“I loved Barry’s, and I was approached to become an instructor,” says Stenz. She was excited but had worked hard for her degree and wanted to apply her education to whatever she ended up doing. So, Stenz agreed to teach Barry’s classes, but also pitched herself as Barry’s new vice president of fitness development. She got the job and began turning boutique Barry’s into the staple of bootcamp fitness it is today.
Then, the pandemic hit. Stenz left Barry’s and found herself living with her mom in Vacaville. “I thought, ‘What am I going to do?’” she says. “I got my media kit together, made a business model, and incorporated social media into my plan. Now, I’m one of the top nutrition coaches in the Bay Area, and I love it!”

SF Racked

"Barry's Bootcamp aficionados are probably familiar with this 5'2" bundle of energy. And if you aren't, we're sure that after reading this profile, you'll want this blonde babe making you work for it pronto. Erica Stenz started teaching fitness and nutrition while studying at UC Santa Barbara in 2007. (This beauty has brains, too, with a B.A. in Communications and a double minor in Exercise and Health Science and Fitness Instruction.) Her passion for fitness and her studio is reflected through her dual career as a trainer and a VP of Marketing & Fitness Development at Barry's SF. Erica's endless energy, upbeat music, and megawatt smile are surefire motivators to get you to exceed your fitness and wellness goals. And if you think talk is cheap, she's teaching all week: Go give her class a try."


"To give you the scoop on how to break a sweat alfresco without looking like a chump, we enlisted Erica Stenz of the shiny, new Barry’s Bootcamp opening this month to show us some standout moves to tone to try in the studio or in your own living room. Summer, we're so ready for you."


"Weekday classes target specific muscle groups while Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays feature the “Full Body” workout, with no lack of creativity. Did you know you can “army crawl” on a treadmill using your own weight and core strength to move the belt? Nor did my friend Jenny and I, as we did our best G.I. Jane impersonations on Sunday. But if doing so means you could eventually achieve the physique of Erica Stenz, Barry’s Bootcamp trainer and reigning Hottest Trainer of 2014, all I can say is thank you sir, may I please have another?"

Go Methodology

"If you're looking for inspiration to eat clean and work out more consistently, look no further! We'd love to introduce you to Erica Stenz, trainer and VP Marketing at Barry's Bootcamp here in San Francisco. It should come as no surprise to you that Erica was voted one of SF's hottest trainers."

Haute Living

"A year ago, Erica Stenz, had an epiphany. The beloved fitness trainer (when Adam Shane and Justin Roja opened Barry’s Bootcamp San Francisco, Stenz was their first instructor) realized she wanted to write a book. For her to make a difference and to empower as many women as possible, she wanted to put her years of learnings into something tangible that people could use and refer to over and over again. However, she may be SF’s best, most encouraging trainer, but when it comes to writing, Stenz struggled to put words to the page. “I remember trying to write. I went in all different places to sit myself up and write this book,” Stenz told Haute Living. “I tried my house, a coffee shop. I even tried writing at the beach at one point to inspire me, but nope. I didn’t know how to write.”

Popsugar - Warrior Woman

"Erica Stenz wants to empower women through fitness, which is why she created her fitness and wellness program Warrior Woman. Her 28 Day Workbook features dietary guides and fitness tips that are designed to encourage women to find their strongest selves through nutrition, fitness, and friendship."

Popsugar - Barry's Bootcamp

"Don't wait until you gain the muscle to feel your strongest self, because you'll never get there. You have to first believe you are a strong woman . . . someone who will always find a way . . . someone who adapts . . . someone who is capable of supporting herself and others. Then share your strength with the world — because that's a warrior woman."