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Sarah sat down with us to give us her honest review and opinion on how WeShred has helped her.

Sarah is a veteran WeShred client and has seen consistent results throughout her journey. With persistence and determination, she has surpaced her goals when nothing worked before WeShred.


Results in 30 Days

Lost 10lbs; Decreased Body Fat by 2.8%

Circumference Changes:

Waist -2.5 inches, Thigh -1.5 inches Bicep -1 inch, Butt -3 inches

Client Testimony

"I contacted Erica earlier this year because I had struggled for years with my diet and body image and finding the right program that worked for me. I was relentlessly exercising and getting nowhere because I failed to believe that you can’t outrun a bad diet. I felt as though anytime I made even the smallest bit of progress I’d end up back at square one because of the program either being too restrictive or overly complicated and honestly just having SO much misinformation at my fingertips. Erica’s nutrition program was the one that changed the game for me completely and helped me not only to form a better relationship with food but also with my self-confidence and general well-being. She’s a wealth of knowledge and has so much expertise about nutrition and fitness has been BEYOND supportive along the way – helping me to hold myself accountable for effecting positive change. Working with her has taken the guesswork out of how to best reach my goals and I finally feel like I have found a method that works because she has provided me with the tools to get where I wanted to be and more importantly sustain the progress I’ve made.

I can’t thank her enough for the support and inspiration she provided me and honestly all the fun I’ve had on this journey celebrating all of the wins I had along the way as we watched the scale drop and inches come off my body. Erica partners with you and pushes you to be the best version of yourself, not only through her nutrition program but also in her awesome Barry’s classes. I’ve never felt better – mentally and physically -  in my entire life thanks to her."

- The Badass Woman (shown here)


Client Testimony

"I felt supported every step of the way. It's amazing how all the small personal touches add up to a big difference. Not only did Erica customize the program for my needs and habits, but she understands that you have to be committed in your mindset in order to be committed in your actions. She looks at everything related to your health. I'm so grateful for her many insights.  

I was one of those people who had Covid weight creep up on me. A little extra snacking and wine every day really add up, especially when it's a few months or more. I started working with Erica because I wanted to improve my health over the long term, not just lose weight. I'm 39 years old, so sometimes it's hard to see your own habits, good and bad, clearly. I just did what she recommended, and six months later I'm still sticking to it and happy as a clam. 

It wasn't easy, but it would have been a lot harder without Erica's help. Between work and family, I have enough going on. I don't need more to worry about. It was nice to just follow her plan and then start to see results. I didn't have to overthink anything."


- The Fiercest Woman I Know! 

Client Testimony

Lost 12lbs; 5 inches all around

"Erica definitely helped me be more aware of what I was eating and just making smarter choices. She educated me on all things food, so when I went into a store I knew what to look for. Once you get on track with eating the right foods, it becomes natural to you. Erica is the best and I’m so grateful that she helped me!!"

- Inspirational Client!