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 by Erica Stenz

WeShred is a community club focused on food, movement and mindset.

1:1 Accountability and support with Nutrition, Fitness + Wellness Coaching by our wellness experts: No matter where you're starting in your journey, Erica and Bonnie, WESHRED's Registered Dietitian, are here to guide you. Click below for more information and follow us @weshredcollective on Instagram.



It takes 3 weeks to break a habit. We focus on teaching and guiding you on how to kick those unhealthy habits that have built up over time and fuel your body with the best options.


Intense fitness workouts are not required. For the first month or so of the program, we just track our daily steps. You'll also have the option to join our in-person or virtual WeShred walk every week for group support. 


You get 1:1 support from your  coach every week, which includes a phone call to go over your personalized goal and plan. But one of the best things we offer is our group support pod with all of the current WeShredders.


Meet Erica Stenz + Bonnie Kuss, Team RD

They are the direct support along your guided journey of mind, body, and soul freedom. They will walk you through how to navigate your relationship with food and are constantly sharing their knowledge, tips, and recipes that you'll need along the way. 

Learn More About Erica, Bonnie and the rest our of The WESHRED Wellness Coaches

Basic Membership

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VIP Membership

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Here's what you can expect from us:

  • 4 Weeks of 1:1 Personalized Nutrition Support
  • Daily Google Excel Spreadsheet Tracker Support with Team WeShred's Registered Dietitian, Bonnie Kuss (Value $50/day)
  • One 60-Minute Pre-Launch Meeting (Group Zoom Meeting) (Value $150)
  • 3 Weekly 30-Minute Q&A Group Zoom Meetings (Value $225)
  • 3 Weekly 1:1 Check-in Phone Calls (Value $300)
  • Access to Inner Circle ⭕️ (close friend group on Instagram) for group support + community
  • WeShred Walk + Workout Schedule Mon-Sat (in-person in San Francisco) + Thursdays WeShred Virtual Walk (zoom)
  • Welcome Gift
  • Invite to Exclusive Events

(Total Value: $2500+)


What can you expect from WESHRED?

Community, Transparency, Courage, Purpose-Driven, Accountability, Experienced 


VIP Membership provides 1:1 accountability 

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