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WeShred Ambassador Application

Are you a wellness influencer or lover and want to spread the love of WeShred while gaining perks like free events, merchandise and even commission? Apply now!

A brand ambassador is a person who partners with a company or organization to promote the firm’s brand, educate about the company and its products, and increase brand awareness. In terms of look, behavior, values, and ethics, the brand ambassador is expected to understand the business and embody the business’ identity. The capacity of brand ambassadors to deploy promotional methods to build the customer-product-service relationship and inspire a big audience to understand and want to buy a product is a critical component.

We’re excited that you’re interested in becoming a WeShred Brand Partner! Many customers and loyalists have asked us how to become a brand ambassador. Each brand is different and sets different requirements for brand advocates, influencers, content creators, and collaborators. Here is our brand ambassador meaning and some of the features WeShred partners share.

So, what does it mean to be a brand ambassador? A brand ambassador is typically referred to as a positive spokesman, an opinion leader, or a community influencer who is hired as an internal or external agent to increase product or service sales and raise brand recognition. The phrase “brand ambassador” used to be reserved for celebrities but has evolved to include self-branding and personal brand management in addition to celebrity branding. However, for many people it is still unclear as to how to become a brand influencer.

  • You are passionate about nutrition, fitness, mindset and over-all health and wellness

  • Want to spread the word about healthy habits like eating well, working out, taking care of your mind

  • You’re passionate about the wellbeing of our community

  • A promoter of self-love, self-assurance, inclusion, and optimism

  • You are active on social media, at least one social channel – all social platforms are accepted

  • Have an engaged and receptive social media audience interested in learning about new things

  • People of diverse age, gender, and race are welcome – we celebrate and appreciate each other’s differences

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