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WeShred VIP Nutrition Program

Our one on one VIP nutrition, movement and mindset coaching program. During our time together, we will work towards your specific goals centered with you mind by habit changing, learning about nutrition and moving our bodies together. *If you have already purchased this program, click "Join Here" to gain portal access. Once you click "Join Here", the portal will be in the portals tab under your member navigation. The portal includes past recorded group meetings and other resources. Every week we will upload our live group zoom call just in case you want to rewatch or miss the live meeting. Watch those videos to gain all of the knowledge you need to be successful.

You can also join this program via the mobile app.

4 Plans Available, From $156.00/week

Group Discussion

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WeShred Club Community

WeShred Club Community

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Complimentary Consultation Call with Erica Stenz

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